2019 Speakers

More Speakers will be announced.

Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. 

Keynote address begins at 9:00 a.m.

Warren Tuttle

For those familiar with the television direct response mega-hit Smart Spin, Warren Tuttle was the person behind the scenes helping to orchestrate its overnight success. Teaming with a Boston based inventor, Tuttle selected an explosive path to market. With almost 10 million units sold so far, Smart Spin continues to be prominently featured at major retailers throughout America. Warren also teamed to initiate the market launch of several other innovative kitchen products including MISTO, The Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer, which has sold over 5 million units around the world to date, and The Toss and Turn Pan, one of the best selling cookware frypans in the US in 2005. Warren has also helped numerous housewares product patent holders obtain licensing agreements with major U.S. manufacturers and has counseled many inventors who went on to start their own small businesses. Currently,

Warren focuses on external product development for Lifetime Brands of Garden City, New York, the world’s largest manufacturer of kitchen utensils and a major supplier of food prep and table top products to America’s major retailers. Lifetime Brands manufactures and markets over 30,000 products under multiple brand names including Farberware, Kitchen Aid, Cuisinart, Pedrini, Mikasa, Towle and Pfaltzgraff; introducing over 4,000 new products each year. There is great enthusiasm looking outside the company for innovation, particularly patented new products. In the past, Warren has initiated twenty-five new product licensing agreements with Lifetime Brands.

Prior to developing and marketing products for the housewares industry, Warren owned 5 of his own gourmet specialty kitchenware stores (The Complete Kitchen of Southern CT), a prepared food and catering business (The Good Food Store of Darien, CT), a nationally recognized cooking school and a partnership in a kitchen design business. Food and Wine magazine once described The Complete Kitchen as “one of the finest gourmet stores in America”. Warren began his career as a department store buyer of cookware and small appliances in New York City (Abraham and Straus of Brooklyn, NY).

Lee Cuthbert

Lee is a Location Specialist in the Georgia Film Office, which is a part of the state’s sales and marketing arm—the Georgia Department of Economic Development. In her job Lee sends custom packages of photos for projects based on script requirements, scouts with clients as needed, updates and helps maintain the private photo database, assists projects with finding crew and stages, and acts as a liaison with tourism to assist with film tourism projects. She joined the office in 2009 and is a graduate of Butler University in Indianapolis.

Fred Taylor

OTR Wheel Engineering was founded in 1987 by Fred Taylor as a small wheel shop in Rome, Georgia. There he began to manufacture and distribute wheels and wheel components to customers in the Southeast. Mr. Taylor found that customers wanted a “service and product integrator”. After landing it’s first major customer in Chambersburg Pennsylvania in 1995, OTR began soliciting major “original equipment manufacturers” with the concept of providing the procurement of their tires and wheels, assembling, and delivering to them “Just-In-Time (JIT)” to reduce their material carrying costs. As the company grew it required significant resources.