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2014 Videos

During his keynote presentation, David Burkus, discussed his book, "The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innovative Companies & People Generate Great Ideas." 


2013 Event

Our 2013 keynote Chris Anderson is the most forward-looking and articulate speaker about the effect of new technology on business. His first book, The Long Tail, is the definitive account of how the internet undermined blockbuster-culture and created an economy of targeted niche products. His next book, Free, explored the new online marketplace of “free” products, explaining how companies can make money by giving things away. Now, in his newest book, Makers, Chris unfolds for us the latest chapter in the digital revolution: a physical revolution.Makers: The New Industrial Revolution introduces a new era of micro-manufacturing.


We have posted several smaller albums below to highlight some of our themes at Confluence. You can also view the full photo album below. These photos are also available on the Confluence Rome Facebook page. If you came to the event and want to share your photos, feel free to contact us!

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